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Johanna Nicoleau

The UX/UI Designer you need.

I am a life long learner with design experience and a background in interdisciplinary studies which I credit for my strong communication skills and ability to empathize with people. I’ve been designing various products for small businesses and non-profit organizations using my skills to communicate design choices to clients and stakeholders while improving user experiences. 

UI/UX - Mobile Design

Pickle Jar

App concept designed to act as an additional resource to protect users from manipulative designs.

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Design - Product Catalog

Savons Des Iles

Self care brand that creates handcrafted soaps and other products using fresh ingredients harvested in remote areas of Haiti.

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UX Auditing & Advising -

Website Redesign

Eyes Open International

Non profit organization in place to help victims of Human trafficking.

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Graphic Design - Digital Content


Mobile app that provides users with an AI foodie assistant to help save time and eat better.

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UI/UX - Website Redesign

Vision Ready

Global company with a mission to advance the growth and development of small businesses owned by Women, People of Color, LGBTQ, and Veterans.

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