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Hey there, 

I'm Jo, a Haitian-American designer based in Miami FL and recent UI/UX Design graduate from the University of Miami.

In the last few months, I've worked for clients as a freelance designer where I conducted different types of research including but not limited to usability test and heuristic evaluations. I've designed layouts and style guides to support brand values and increase user engagement for e-commerce websites. I've also had the opportunity to do some graphic design work and design product packaging for Vivre Naturals, a wellness brand that focusses on selling organic health care supplements to their users.

I've recently been employed at Foncii, an AI foodie assistant app designed to help users save time and eat better, where I created digital content and designed interaction patterns and components for web applications.

Why Design?

I've always had an interest in art and design, however, I've always viewed it more as a hobby than a career. After spending two years convincing myself that tending to peoples teeth was the most logical career choice, despite my boss consistently informing me that I look miserable, I decided to find out for myself if a career in design was something I could achieve.

As a creator and an artist, what drew me to UI/UX Design is the idea of creating digital experiences and products that make the lives of others easier, that's how I make my mark on the world.

I was first exposed to digital design while working as a Historian for my college dance team, Rukus entertainment. My responsibilities included social media management which involved creating digital content such as flyers and social media posts to advertise events, auditions, and dance classes.

I began to build a client list after receiving my UX certification. I've gained experience collaborating with other designers, project managers, and communicating with stakeholders ranging from e-commerce brands to app startups.

I am empathetic, an effective communicator, collaborator, and most importantly a quick learner, ready for the challenges and demands that accompany design roles. I plan to become a highly skilled designer capable of designing experiences that benefit people and contribute to the convenience & ease that we’ve become accustomed to, with technology, in our daily lives. 

My Design interests include:​

  • App Design

  • Interaction Design

  • UI Design

  • Visual Design

  • XR Design

When I'm not glued to my screen...

I'm either painting, creating stickers with my digital art, taking a yoga class, or just enjoying my free time with a few friends. My other interests include dance, music, and advocating for mental health. Ideally, combining my desire to work as a designer and one of my interests would be the perfect job for me!

Abstract Piece
Acrylic on Canvas
King Eye.png
Blind Ogre 2.png
Art converted to stickers
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