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I designed and created digital content to establish social media presence and increase user engagement.

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Foncii app will help you effortlessly discover restaurants, provide personalized recommendations, and most importantly, save time and eat better. Foncii is your personal AI foodie assistant.


Graphic Designer

Figma and Photoshop

Content Strategy

I began this project by collaborating with the founder to create a strategy plan for the type of content that will be posted, at what time, and how often.

I then designed templates based on specific content ideas to contribute to the overall consistency of the social media page. Typography and colors were used according to brand book guidelines. 

The goal was to create content that would provide value and interest to Foncii followers. 

Mockup Mondays
Group 4.png
3 ways series Wednesdays
Group 1.png
Foodie Fridays
Group 3.png
Group 5.png


With a fast paced and growing start up like Foncii, improvements and updates to the strategy were to be expected. We developed new content ideas and thus adjusted the previous templates.

Food Fight Mondays
Foncii Guide Fridays
ITF 1.png
ITF 6.png
Instagram post - 125.png
ITF 4.png
Instagram post - 127.png
Instagram post - 117.png
MF 1.png
MF 4.png
MF 2.png
MF 5.png
MF 3.png
Instagram post - 132.png

Success Metrics

Over the course of 2 months, 68 days, the number of Foncii followers increased by 20%.

Accounts reached, engaged, and post interaction increased compared to the previous quarter.


Accounts reached


Percent increase


Accounts engaged


Percent increase


Post interactions


Percent increase
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