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Savons Des Iles

 I designed a short catalog illustrating the quality of ingredients in Savons Des Iles products for buyers and distributors to help break into the Candian market. 

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Savons des iles is a self care brand that creates handcrafted soaps and other products using fresh ingredients harvested in remote areas of Haiti.


Graphic Designer


1 week




Savons des iles (SDI) is expanding and looking for a way to display their products for a working convention in which they’d be exposed to buyers and distributors interested in purchasing their products at wholesale.
I was asked to design a small sleek and simple booklet or catalog within brand guidelines that would highlight the unique properties of their products.

My Process



Layout Design

High Fidelity Designs

Research Overview

My research process included interviewing the stakeholder to define project goals and prioritize any key requirments. I researched general print guidelines as well as those specific to catalogs and reviewed brand guidelines to get a sense of their aesthetic.

Layout Design

When coming up with the layout design, I formed a HMW question to help stay on track;

How might we illustrate the exceptional quality of Savons Des Iles products for buyers to encourage the purchase of products at wholesale price?

I started with the product pages, paying particular attention to how images and text were placed together on the page. The product pages were the bread and butter of this catalog. I moved on to filler and miscelaneous pages, and finally the front and back cover.

High Fidelity Designs

After receiving feedback from the stakeholder on my grayscale layout designs, I picked out colors and typography aligned with SDI’s brand and message, keeping in mind key words such as, sleek and simple. I then applied my choices.

Catalog Layout order.png
SDI catalog mockup 3.png
SDI mockup.png

Lessons Learned

As I always mention at the end of my case studies, there's also room for improvement.

For this particular project, a big improvement would have been to focus on the name of the company on the front cover. It is not very clear what company the catalog represents. Moving forward, I would make sure to emphasize what company the catalog is for by including the logo on the front cover or simply writing out the company name in H1 text, large enough for consumers to read.

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